Megan Glimp is legally blind and has been attending the Blind Center for years with her guide dog. One of the programs we fund at the Blind Center of Nevada is the Visions Greatness program, which helps visually impaired people get ready to work. At the center, Megan met one of their employees and members named Jason. In May of 2021 Jason and Megan got married, it was then her goal then to find a job so that she could earn extra money for her household. Thanks to UWSN, Blind Center of Nevada, our partner program, was able to provide Megan with the necessary training to learn how to list electronic items on eBay. In December of 2021, Megan was hired as a full-time lister for the Blind Center’s electronic recycling business. Megan is now able to feel more INDEPENDENT and can help support her husband by helping pay the bills. 

Megan's Story