Women United Spotlight | Krista Darnold

As we honor Women’s History Month, join us and CELEBRATE inspiring women like Krista Darnold who has an endless passion for serving the community! Krista has been a part of the UWSN’s Women United for over 10 years! She has volunteered in many projects like the Women United Suit Drive, planning the Women United Signature Event, and she has also helped at other UWSN partner projects like Delivering with Dignity Program.

Her incredible leadership and passion have allowed her to do amazing things for our community. Krista is an inspiring woman making a difference in Las Vegas and empowering the next generation as members of UWSN’s Women United. She says that her favorite part of being a member of Woman United is “being engaged with receptive, respectful, and collaborative group of women.” We are grateful to have women leaders like her in our organization, learn more about Krista below.

What is your Why for being a long-term Women United Member?

Women United is a very accepting and understanding group of supportive women who not only support the community but who also support one another. I’ve never engaged with a more receptive, respectful, and collaborative group of women before.

What is your favorite part of being a member or a favorite memory of Women United?

I’ve enjoyed participating in many of the projects and committees as I looked back over the 10+ years, it’s difficult to land on a favorite memory. What I’ve loved most is celebrating the relationships of our partner agencies – whether we recognize them at our signature event, have them as guests at our meetings, or get out in the community to volunteer at one of their programs.

Who is a female leader throughout history that has inspired you?

My mother was a brave and bold leader who I deeply admire and miss so much! She led with vulnerability and kindness. She was a risk-taker for the greater good of the community. There were many circumstances and community projects my mom took on that other’s did not have the courage to. I appreciate what I was able to witness growing up, because my mom was the one who taught me to be kind, brave and express gratitude. She also instilled in me the purpose of serving my community.

Tell us a time when you were brave, kind, bold, or vulnerable?

My current role leading Compassionate Las Vegas requires a great amount of vulnerability. There tends to be a stigma around allowing vulnerability and compassion in the workplace and even in your personal life. Both are tremendously important for understanding yourself and others. Along with being vulnerable, I believe in leading with compassion, kindness, and most of all respect. It was a bold move for me to move into this role; supporting the helpers and healers of this community through Compassionate Las Vegas and elevating the Jameson Fellowship program from what it was from its inception ten years ago. It’s been an incredibly valuable experience, especially through these last few years of the pandemic, where everyone has needed support and guidance.


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