Women United Spotlight | Angel Williams

As we honor Women’s History Month, we continue to highlight the amazing women leaders in our community who are making an impact. Angel Williams is the Community Relations Manager at NV Energy, one of our largest corporate partners and is deeply committed to serving the place we are all proud to call home. Women United encourages community leadership and provides a space for women leaders in our community to use their skills and knowledge to work together and impact the community. Learn more about Angel below!

What is your Why for being a long-term Women United Member?

I like being engaged in community service and philanthropy with like-minded women. Membership allows me to develop relationships with women leaders I may not otherwise be able to meet. It has provided me with invaluable leadership opportunities to build and hone my skills.

What is your favorite part of being a member or a favorite memory of Women United?

The Women United Suit Drive is a favorite event of mine, particularly after our members and volunteers have assembled complete outfits from the clothing provided and the partner agencies arrive to pick up rolling racks of well styled, confidence-building outfits. We’ve learned from our partner agencies about how transformational these outfits can be for a woman taking that next step in her career.

Who is a women leader throughout history that has inspired you?

Michelle Obama. She’s well educated, a thoughtful inspirational speaker, a bar-raiser for society, gardener, great dancer, and role model.

Tell us about a time when you were kind, wise, brave or bold?

I’ve learned that small acts of kindness can be quite extraordinary when you look back over time.


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