Women United Member Spotlight | Karen Johnson

During Women’s History Month, we are highlighting our Women United members who are dedicated to making a difference in our Southern Nevada community. This week, we are highlighting Karen Johnson, Senior Community Relations Specialist at NV Energy! Karen enjoys supporting our community through volunteerism. Karen shared that she is a member of Women United because she wants to “help our young girls grow to be strong, confident and inspiring young ladies.” Read our interview below with Karen to learn what she would like to reimagine in our Southern Nevada community!

How can we reimagine the future of women in education?
It starts with our young girls being a support and helping them thrive as they grow and ensuring that educational opportunities are available.

How can we reimagine the future of women in the workforce?
By supporting one another in the workplace will help ensure women a place in the workforce.

How can we reimagine the future of women in our community?
Volunteering and supporting nonprofits that offer services to women in our community.

What does Women’s History Month mean to you and how do you celebrate?
It means empowering your girls with self-esteem and willpower to stand strong in what they believe and let them know it’s ok to use their voice for change. I celebrate by honoring other women reaching out and giving them their roses now.

How do you empower women in your life?
By listening to understand and providing feedback when asked. Honoring them daily and letting them know they are appreciated.


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