Volunteers of the Month Spotlight | Mya and Manuel

At United Way of Southern Nevada (UWSN), we’re constantly inspired by the passion and dedication of our interns Mya and Manuel, whose commitment to community service shines bright in all they do. Recently, we had the chance to catch up with them and learn more about their journey as interns at UWSN and their impactful contributions to our community through volunteering!

What inspired you to intern with UWSN?

Mya: What inspired me to intern at UWSN is because it is a great organization that helps the community and I wanted to get involved. I wanted to have the chance to support the community as a whole.  

 Manuel: I was inspired to come back to intern with UWSN because of all the great people I work with here who clearly show a lot of interest in their work and the mission of UWSN.

What’s your favorite memory from your internship so far?

Mya: My favorite memory of my internship is volunteering for the Super Bowl Green Week tree planting event. The reason why that was my favorite memory is that most of the employees at UWSN attended. We all got out of the office and helped the community plant trees and served our volunteers lunch. 

Manuel: My favorite memory of my internship was the get together for the last day of my sophomore internship because it felt great to have all the UWSN team showing their appreciation and support for me.   

How do you volunteer in our community?

Mya: I volunteer for my community by providing my service with a positive attitude, dedicating my time for the event, giving out my positive vibes. I also encourage others to volunteer with me and I support by spreading the word, the more I spread the word around the greater the impact. 

Manuel: I support our community by helping with big events such as the Raiders food packing event and sometimes assisting in the setup of other events.   

Do you have a favorite volunteer project you have participated in?

Mya: My favorite volunteer project is probably any bundle kits I make for any of UWSN’s corporate service project events. I like making the kits organized and it keeps me focused. With each kit I build, I know I am putting care into each one that is given to a person who needs it most. Through these kits, I know I am helping make a positive impact on someone’s life.  

Manuel: My favorite volunteer project has been the Raiders Food Packing event because it was amazing to see so many people coming together to make so many meals and at the same time having a fun experience.   

Mya and Manuel’s dedication to serving others and making a positive impact is truly inspiring. We are grateful to have them as part of the UWSN team, and we look forward to witnessing the continued impact they will undoubtedly make in our community. 


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