Volunteer Spotlight | George

Volunteers are an essential part of United Way of Southern Nevada, and we could not serve our community without their incredible support. George Wilkerson has been making an impact in our community by volunteering with our partners at the Salvation Army. He originally started to volunteer through our Volunteer Connect platform to meet a requirement for one of his college classes. George was originally from North Carolina, so volunteering became a way for him to get involved and engaged in the Las Vegas community. He says, “everyone who was volunteering or working in the kitchen was very welcoming and helpful.” So, he decided to continue volunteering regularly.

George is also a 4th grade math teacher at Fay Herron Elementary School in North Las Vegas. As he drives to school in the mornings, he sees the number of people in need of shelter, food, and other resources. He told us that he is grateful to be a part of the kitchen volunteers which allows him to give back to his community. You can learn more about George and how he got started as a volunteer below!

What inspired you to volunteer?

I initially started volunteering because of a course requirement for my multicultural education course at CSN. We were required to do 10 hours of service in the community. I really enjoyed volunteering here because it was easy to register through the online portal and everyone who was volunteering or working in the kitchen was very welcoming and helpful. So, I decided that I wanted to continue volunteering regularly. I’m originally from North Carolina and I have been looking for a way to really engage and be a part of the Las Vegas community, this was a great opportunity to do that.

How are you supporting our community through volunteering?

I am a teacher at a school in North Las Vegas and every now and then I drive past The Salvation Army, and I see the number of people who need shelter, food, and other resources and I wanted to help and give my time. I think the meals that people in the community have access to through The Salvation Army are helpful and I’m grateful that I could be a part of the kitchen volunteers, helping in any capacity.

Why did you choose to volunteer through UWSN’s Volunteer Connect platform?

I think volunteering through the online platform made it very easy for me to register and sign up for volunteer shifts. The platform also documented all my hours and gave recommendations for other volunteer opportunities within the UWSN system. I looked at other non-profit organizations and it was a challenge to connect with people to sign up to volunteer and it was usually a very tedious process. The USWN Volunteer Connect platform really made it convenient for me with my work and school schedule.

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