Volunteer Spotlight | Edgar Patino

Volunteer Month allows us to highlight and say thank you to dedicated volunteers who gift their time to their community. Edgar Patino has been leader with NV Energy for over 20 years, one of our largest corporate partners! He serves as Director of External Affairs and as Board Chair of the College of Southern Nevada Foundation. Edgar’s passion lies in ensuring there is accessible education for all. He has volunteered regularly in service to Woman United, serving for several years as a reviewer for the Emerging Leadership Award for Women scholarship. Continue reading below to learn more about Edgar and his dedication to our community!

What inspired you to volunteer?

The U.S. military and our Nevada System of Higher Education have both been meaningful institutions in my life, which have positively impacted my family and me in so many ways. Knowing that these institutions and their work is important and never ending, it is a natural and easy decision for me to give time and energy to assist in any way that I can.

How are you supporting our community through volunteering?

A thriving and energetic community can only exist when we all take care of each other and support our important institutions. I am proud to do my small part, in the overall effort to continuously improve our community. I currently serve as Board Chair of the College of Southern Nevada Foundation and regularly volunteer to support veterans and active-duty military.

What does it mean to work for a company like NV Energy that encourages giving back to our community?

I am grateful that my employer, NV Energy, prioritizes support for a wide range of community initiatives. And importantly, it is impressive that NV Energy actively encourages and supports employee volunteerism, allowing my colleagues and I to seek out opportunities that we are passionate about. Collectively, the power of 2,400 employees, giving thousands of hours of their volunteer time can significantly impact initiatives and efforts across the spectrum of critical needs in Nevada.

How has volunteering improved your life?

The satisfaction for me comes in knowing that I have been able to make an impact, by securing resources for college students, and making life just a little bit easier for our veterans and active-duty military.


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