Volunteer Spotlight | Chelsea

Wawanesa Insurance is one of our corporate partners; a company that believes in raising awareness of the needs of the community. Their values include supporting the communities where they work and live. They also believe in being good corporate citizens. We can see that caring spirit through their employee, Chelsea Blumberg who is devoted to taking action to make a difference one volunteering opportunity at a time! From a young age, Chelsea has given back to our Southern Nevada community through volunteerism, and we celebrate her dedication to making a difference in the place we are all proud to call home.

During the month of April, we will be celebrating local heroes who are dedicated to serving our community. Learn more about Chelsea below!

What inspired you to volunteer?

I have been volunteering since my freshman year of high school. I was selected to sit on a youth empowerment council in my city under the Mayor of Las Vegas to help the community and my peers. We received grants for different community projects including providing backpacks with clothes and school supplies to the homeless youth in our district. My friend then went on to work for a non-profit for missing and endangered children in our area and I have been volunteering with them since.

How are you supporting our community through volunteering?

There are a lot of different ways the volunteer work I do support the community. There is a big search every year for missing children, and we typically find children while executing this search. On top of that, we provide safety practices and fingerprinting kits to schools within the district. The idea is to provide them with the information beforehand to keep children from going missing in the future. The fingerprinting kits help if a child does go missing, to have all the necessary information already complete for missing persons flyers and police involvement.

What does it mean to work for a company like Wawanesa that encourages giving back to our community?

It’s phenomenal to work for a company that values volunteer work as much as I do. We are provided with a community day every year to be used to volunteer within our own communities and I use mine every year to give back. Wawanesa also partners with major organizations to raise funds to help others in the community. It’s an honor to work for a company that has the same values that I do.

How has volunteering improved your life?

Volunteering is a way to feed my soul. I was one of the people who needed community assistance in my younger years so now it feels like I have come full circle to give back to the organizations and non-profits that helped me previously. I will always be grateful for the help I received and honored to help those in need today.


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