Volunteer of the Month Spotlight | Letticia Miller

We are thrilled to introduce our Volunteer of the Month, Letticia Miller, the DSM Programs Administrator at NV Energy! Thanks to NV Energy for sponsoring this special feature.  

Letticia’s volunteer journey was ignited by a heartwarming source of inspiration. Here’s what she had to say: “What inspired me to volunteer? My grandma inspired me at a young age to volunteer. We used to go to the park and feed the homeless once a week. Having these special moments with my grandma inspired me to get involved to make a positive change in the community. It also sets a good example for my children.”  

Letticia’s dedication to making a difference in our community is truly remarkable. Through her volunteer work, she’s been a force for good: “I am currently volunteering for Hope for The City at Central Church, working at the food pantry. In the month of August, we fed over 20,578 individuals and provided food for over 5,500 households. I’m also a community advocate volunteering at the Las Vegas Rescue Mission once a week. We serve free dinner from 5pm-6pm inside the dining hall. As of August 31, 2023, we have served 176,203 meals.”  

Letticia’s commitment is further fueled by the support she receives from NV Energy, a company that values giving back to the community. She shared what it means to her: “What does it mean to work for a company like NV Energy that encourages giving back to our community? It means so much to me to work for a company that shares my values and is committed to making a positive impact. I think it helps us as employees feel good while developing a positive business culture.”  

Let’s celebrate Letticia’s selflessness and the power of giving back. Learn how you can be a force for good like Letticia with UWSN’s Volunteer Connect at uwsn.org/volunteer. 


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