United Way Of Southern Nevada Shares Southern Nevada Nonprofit Community Impact Mid-Year Updates

LAS VEGAS – United Way of Southern Nevada (UWSN) is pleased to share 96,554 services have been provided to support southern Nevadans through UWSN’s nonprofit network from July 2022 to December 2022. As a nonprofit leader for 65 years, UWSN brings together 80 nonprofits in the southern Nevada region to provide resources to those in need.

“The power and persistence of the nonprofit community in southern Nevada is unmatched and we are proud of the meaningful change we can create through our network of community partners,” said Julian High, president, and CEO of UWSN. “In partnership with all organizations in the nonprofit sector, in our community, we will ensure programs are available to empower and improve lives.”

To meet current community needs, UWSN provides funding for various education, workforce development, and community support programs with a focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion. In the first two-quarters of the fiscal year, UWSN and their nonprofit network have provided:

3,686 students with access to a quality education from pre-k to graduation day

1,663 people received job training to add to their professional skills

2,401 people received assistance to keep the lights on

3,400 people received assistance for temporary housing or to pay their rent or mortgage

83,717 people received food assistance, such as prepared meals and groceries

651 people received assistance to access counseling and healthcare services

1,036 people received assistance to access crisis support services

These metrics are made possible through the support of both private and public funding. Donations made to UWSN are distributed where they are needed most and stay local to provide support to one in four individuals in the community. For more information about UWSN’s nonprofit network and to donate, visit uwsn.org/ourpartners.


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