Top Three Places to Eat in Las Vegas

Welcome friends, Jennifer here! I am the Marketing Manager at United Way of Southern Nevada and I am here to share some important news with you regarding my favorite subject, FOOD. As a local Las Vegas resident, born and raised, I have spent many years searching for the BEST food places to eat around the valley. My search has taken me around the 95 and 215 freeways and back, and now here with you to share my TOP THREE PLACES TO EAT IN LAS VEGAS*.


There is something magical that happens when food draws inspiration from different cultures. As Fukuburger would say, “We serve all-American burgers with a Japanese twist for those who don’t take life too seriously”. I say you should take it seriously when I highly suggest checking them out to try my personal favorite, a #3 with a side of Fuku Fries, you won’t regret it!
Jennifer’s Go-to Order: Buta Burger with a side of Fuku Fries 

Esther’s Kitchen

FRESH SOURDOUGH BREAD AND HOMEMADE PASTA. There’s almost nothing else to be said. Esther’s Kitchen is a take on “Italian soul food”. They serve fresh sourdough-crust pizzas, homemade pastas, and seasonal entrée options. They also have a great selection for brunch, which is only served on the weekends.
Jennifer’s Go-to Order: Sourdough Bread with Basil Ricotta Spread and Bucatini Pasta  

Baguette Café

I’ve never been to France, but I imagine THIS is what a croissant should taste like. One bite from this buttery pastry and I am sent to croissant heaven. Besides pastries, Baguette Café also offers a variety of sandwiches, quiche, soups and more. Make sure to properly prepare for the flakey goodness to come and say hello and thank you to Oliver for bringing a piece of his home to Las Vegas.
Jennifer’s Go-to Order: Chicken Curry Panini with a Croissant to go (or to eat 3 seconds after I receive it)

If you made it this far, thank you for reading along with this local’s favorites. Let Team UWSN know if you would like to see more posts like this and make sure to follow us on social media to let us know what YOUR FAVORITE places to eat in Las Vegas are.

*This list is solely based on my opinion and not affiliated with the opinion of United Way of Southern Nevada or any of its’ affiliates.


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