Team UWSN Spotlight | Veronica Rico

Meet our new Fund Development Coordinator, Veronica Rico!

Veronica was born and raised in Las Vegas and graduated from East Tech High School where she joined one of our partner programs Leaders in Training! This program allowed her to develop her leadership skills and her career readiness. She says that while in the program she discovered what she wanted to do in life, she said “I want to be a part of a team and a leader while giving back to my community because success does not mean anything if I am not making a difference in the community.”

Her journey at UWSN started with Leaders in Training, where one of her coordinators told her about the job opening here at UWSN. She immediately applied for the position and was hired full-time while attending an online school at Fullerton College as she pursues a Communication Studies degree. Thanks to our support, Leaders in Training were able to give Veronica the resources she needed to get where she is today. Learn more about Veronica and her journey below!

Can you share more about your role? How do you support the community through your work?

My position at United Way is a Fund Development Coordinator and I help with the administrative work for the funding team as well as providing support for events that we do around the city to fundraise money to give back to our community.

Please share what inspired you to join Team UWSN?

I wanted to become part of the United Way team because I had experienced their help and guidance before in Leaders in Training while I was in high school. They were a big part of the reason why we had the experiences and advantages we had in that program, so once I saw the opportunity to give back, I did what I could to get the position. I was even singing mantras before I would talk to Terri, the VP of Human Resources, on the phone, just wishing to get the job.

How do you have fun in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas has been my home my entire life and growing up I wanted nothing more than to get out but once I did for college, I knew I could never live so comfortably elsewhere. There is always something to do in the city, whether it be trying a new restaurant, volunteering for an event, going out dancing, hiking, or riding ATV’s, you really can’t be bored here. Rather it’s do you have the time to do it all is the problem.

What is a fun fact about you?

Something fun about me would be my personality, I live by the motto, “I’m here for a good time not a long time” so I try my best to spread good and have a positive time on this earth and a fun fact about me is that I am an October baby, so I love throwing Halloween parties and last year I was Amy Winehouse because she is my favorite.


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