Team UWSN Intern Spotlight | Amanie Reece

Meet Amanie Reece, our Marketing Administrator! She was born and raised in Las Vegas and is currently attending the College of Southern Nevada as she is working towards an associate degree of science. After, she plans to transfer to the University of Nevada Las Vegas and earn a bachelor’s degree. Like many students, Amanie is unsure of what she wants to declare her major and pursue a career in. However, she is very enthusiastic about learning new skills. Her focus now is to get hands-on work in different areas to see what she enjoys doing the most. To learn more about Amanie, read the interview we had with her below!

Why did you decide to join the United Way of Southern Nevada Team?

I decided to join the United Way of Southern Nevada Team because I’ve always been interested in nonprofit organizations and reaching out to help the community. I enjoy helping people and making a positive impact on one’s life. I believe the world doesn’t have enough happiness and genuine happy people. I wish to help people notice there are good people in the world who care about them and want to see them succeed regardless of their age, and/or ethnicity.

Can you share more about what you are excited to learn about in your internship?

I’m very grateful and happy to be here with the United Way of Southern Nevada. I’m excited to learn more about advertising and getting into my creative side learning the marketing aspect.

What do you enjoy most about your internship at UWSN so far?

I enjoy everything. Working with different people and learning new things and skills can help me figure out the path I want to take in my future career.

How do you have fun in Las Vegas?

I like to go out to eat at restaurants and try new foods.

What is a fun fact about you?

A fun fact about me is I enjoy taking photos.


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