Samuel L. Rudd

Chief Operating Officer & Chief Financial Officer

With over 29 years of experience, Sam has a wealth of expertise in operations and financial management across diverse industries. His professional journey consists of leadership roles in the non-profit and financial sectors. Throughout his career, Sam has demonstrated exceptional leadership skills by successfully guiding multiple teams to exceed their goals. His coaching acumen, creation of incentive programs, and implementation of cutting-edge technologies have effectively eliminated roadblocks hindering success, propelling his team members to flourish. Sam has extensive experience in mentoring, training, and building high performance teams. His unwavering dedication to building a community in the workplace shines through in his interactions, exemplifying his genuine passion for people.

Sam’s professional journey began in 1994 at U.S. Bank in Las Vegas, Nevada, where he established a strong foundation in banking within the branch system. He later ventured to Oregon, taking on a pivotal role in the small business lending center, overseeing a team of portfolio managers and underwriters.

In 2007, Sam seized an opportunity in Texas, joining GEMSA Loan Servicing, a renowned joint venture between GE Capital and CBRE. There, he excelled in managing a Commercial REIT portfolio, further honing his expertise in commercial real estate.

In 2010, Sam embarked on a different path as he embraced the role of Senior Pastor and Administrator for Katy Foursquare, showcasing his versatility and commitment to making a positive impact within the community. In 2020, Sam returned to Las Vegas to assume the position of Vice President of Operations and Managing Broker at Sun Commercial Real Estate, Inc.

As COO/CFO of United Way of Southern Nevada, Sam manages the organization’s operations, offers leadership and guidance to the executive team, and delivers strategic financial insights and data-driven performance measures to the board of directors.

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