Janet Quintero

Vice President of External Affairs

Janet joined UWSN in September 2018, initially taking on the role of Community Issues Champion. Her dedication and passion for creating positive changes led her to spearhead the organization’s advocacy, public policy, and community relations efforts. In this capacity, Janet excelled at convening conversations among nonprofit leaders and elected officials, fostering strategic partnerships, and developing programs to advance the organization’s mission. 

Prior to joining UWSN, Janet had a great deal of experience in community outreach and advocacy. As an Outreach Relations Coordinator at Penna Powers marketing agency, she actively engaged with diverse communities and facilitated impactful grassroots initiatives. Additionally, Janet served as a Navigator for the Asian Community Resource Center, where she played a vital role in educating and informing the community about essential government resources. 

Janet’s earned her bachelor’s degree in Urban Affairs from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. She currently serves Chair of the Nonprofit Subcommittee for the Nevada Hispanic Legislative Caucus and is an esteemed alumna of the United Way LEAD program and the Jameson Fellowship. 

Janet Quintero headshot


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