Norma’s Story

Norma, an Arriba Las Vegas Worker Center member and worker leader, bravely decided to stand up against discrimination and combat workplace abuse by filing a complaint. Arriba Las Vegas Worker Center is a UWSN funded partner , which supports workers who are immigrants with a range of workforce support services. Once feeling isolated, Norma found solace and support at Arriba Las Vegas Worker Center, where she discovered a community that empowered her to assert her rights and worth.

“I decided to stand up in the face of discrimination and try to stop the abuse on the job. That meant filing a complaint. When you speak out, a weight lifts off your shoulders. At first, it was difficult because I felt very alone. But I sought help, and that’s how I found the Arriba Las Vegas Worker Center.” Norma said, “At the worker center, I learned I am not alone. I have rights and value. I contribute to society. It’s about valuing ourselves as Latinos, women, and immigrants. We are the workforce, and we don’t need to remain silent. I am proud to be a Mexican woman, and I want to be an example for my children. My message to other workers is to overcome the fear of speaking out. Do it for dignity. Lift up your voice. You matter. You are a force.”

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