Helping First-Generation Students Achieve Their Dreams!

Helping First-Generation Students Achieve Their Dreams!Rosy knew she wanted to make her family proud by enrolling in college but felt she had no chance of attending with skyrocketing tuition costs. As the granddaughter of immigrants, she was inspired to fight for her grandparent’s dream of a better future for their family and worked hard to realize this dream by excelling in her education. From a young age, she faced economic inequality and racial biases, but through hard work and dedication, Rosy beat the odds by graduating high school as valedictorian with a 5.2 GPA. Thanks to the support of United Way and Project 150, Rosy will be attending UNLV Medical School in the fall. Rosy shared her gratitude for the scholarship, “We can all feel a sense of security that we can accomplish our college education without the constant worrying about the money in our pockets.”


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