Empowering Future Educators to Pursue Their Dreams

Ariana was a local high school student who dreamed of becoming a counselor to help children in the Southern Nevada community succeed. To make this dream a reality, Ariana knew she needed to attain a higher education but struggled with the application process. Without a high school diploma, Ariana’s mom could not give her daughter guidance on applying to college, but Ariana did not give up. Determined to achieve her goals, Ariana joined the Leaders In Training (LIT) program. Through UWSN and LIT’s support, Ariana was empowered to pursue her dreams. She was accepted into 16 colleges across the U.S and will attend the New York Institute of Technology to earn her degree in psychology. Ariana shared, “I grew up not having the best support with applying for college. When I’m a school counselor, I want students to know that they can count on me for help.”


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