Empowering Diana to Obtain the Career of Her Dreams

After enduring over 20 years of physical and financial abuse from her partner, Diana managed to escape one day while pretending to take out the trash. Through Safe Nest, Diana found shelter and the opportunity to follow a different path. Even though Diana was plagued with self-doubt and had never worked a day in her life, through her motivation and assistance she was able to pursue her dream of becoming an RTC bus driver. After months of hard work, studying, and receiving assistance with paying for licensure cards and testing, Diana became an RTC bus driver. Her stabilized job enabled her to enter a transitional housing program, and she received case management and rental assistance support while on a path toward self-sufficiency. As she transitioned into her own apartment, Diana received life skills coaching so she could build confidence in managing her own finances while transitioning from receiving partial rent support to paying 100% of her own rent by the end of the program.


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