Dozens of Non-Profit Organizations Gather at UWSN Forum to Learn the Legislative Process and Share Ideas on How to Continue Helping Nevadans

LAS VEGAS, NV –  Dozens of nonprofit organizations from Las Vegas that work providing an array of services to the most vulnerable in our community gathered by United Way of Southern Nevada for the very first “Nonprofit Legislative Forum.”

The forum was moderated by Miles Dickson, founder and director of Nevada GrantLab, who highlighted the key role of nonprofits in Nevada and how public-private partnerships are crucial to continue to grow and develop our community.

The “UWSN Nonprofit Legislative Forum” is the first of its kind and aims to engage leaders in meaningful conversations across sectors, political lines, and geographical divisions. During the event, participants representing nonprofit organizations had the opportunity to ask questions directly to representatives about best practices for engaging during a Legislative Session. 

The forum convened almost 30 nonprofit organizations and state legislators to discuss lessons learned from the 2023 Nevada State Legislative Session. The panel included Sonny Vinuya from the Governor’s Office; Senator Scott Hammond, Senate District 18; Assemblywoman Erica Mosca, Assembly District 14; Assemblyman Brian Hibbetts, Assembly District 13; and Assemblyman Duy Nguyen, Assembly District 8. 

Earlier this year in April, United Way of Southern Nevada, in partnership with the Moonridge Group and the CEO Exchange of Southern Nevada, was proud to host Nonprofit and Philanthropy Day at the Legislature. We were joined by 70 nonprofit and philanthropy leaders. The nonprofit sector has been a partner to the State of Nevada for many years, and the COVID pandemic highlighted how public-private partnerships are not only important but KEY to the continued growth and development of our community. This is a message we have all heard loud and clear. This is why we celebrate the formation of the Nonprofit Legislative Caucus to elevate our sector’s partnership with the legislature. said Julian High, CEO of United Way of Southern Nevada

“Our goal is 1. How do we bring legislators to your nonprofits or your programs so they are exposed to it and 2. how do we help you connect with who is your representative or who is on the committee of your issue area… And 3rd thing is talk to you all early and get bill ideas. The more we can be strategic as a sector and go up together and support each other’s bills, I think will be more successful in our outcomes.” said Assemblywoman Erica Mosca, Nonprofit Legislative Caucus Vice Chair

“Sometimes it’s not fast enough to help somebody,” Sonny says when regarding the relationship between non-profits and the government sector. “It’s always nice to be able to call a nonprofit and say ‘Hey I need help…’ Matching them  [non-profits] with others [people] so they can be more efficient…it’s a partnership between a private and a non-profit and government said Sonny Vinuya, Office of Governor Lombardo

“I get a lot of form letters I don’t necessarily read…I like the ones I can sit down and read because I know you care enough about something, I’m going to read it.” said  Senator Scott Hammond I like it when you come in and I know you’re a non profit…I’m always going to make time for you in my office”


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