Colin’s Story

It’s always a proud moment as a parent when you see your child thriving in a new environment. Jennifer, Colin’s mom, shared how she felt knowing her son took his first steps into employment. “This is truly his first day of any type of employment, and although I wasn’t there, I wanted to be a fly on the wall,” she expresses. “It’s one of those monumental typical experiences you wish and hope for as a parent with a child with special needs.” She says with gratitude for United Way of Southern Nevada and our partner, The Garden Foundation, “I’m truly grateful and appreciative of their patience and guidance.” Jennifer reflects on the captured moments of Colin’s training, moved by the generosity of the staff and volunteers. “I am overwhelmed by the generosity of staff and volunteers. Thank you so much! I’m in tears….” 

The Garden Foundation is a proud partner of United Way of Southern Nevada. Through their specialized Community Internship and Job Training Program, adults with disabilities receive crucial assistance in preparing for and entering the workforce. The partnership with Dig it! Coffee Co. adds further value, offering a career development program equipped with specialized supportive services, training, and materials, ensuring a smooth transition into the workforce. Your donations to UWSN can help fund organizations like The Garden Foundation. Together, we can create a more inclusive and empowering environment that positively impacts individuals like Colin, enabling them to achieve their dreams. Make your impact today at 


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