65th Anniversary Team UWSN Spotlight | Veronica Rico

Meet our Community Impact Programs Specialist, Veronica Rico! Veronica’s journey with UWSN began when she was a member of our partner program Leaders in Training and she has supported the United Way team both as an Operations Coordinator and now as a Community Impact Specialist! In her new role, Veronica processes applications from community members seeking housing, food, and utility assistance from our partner programs and ensures Southern Nevadans are connected to the support they need to succeed! We are thankful to have Veronica on our team. Learn more about how Veronica supports Southern Nevadans in our community by reading our interview with her below.

Tell us about your role at UWSN?

My position at UWSN as the Community Impact Programs Specialist has many different responsibilities for our CI team. I work closely with my team and my manager in order to process applications from community members at our partnering agencies that are seeking assistance. There are a handful of programs we have, and we make sure that they are executing properly and giving the community the resources they need.

Please share with us a memory of your time working with UWSN?

My first day working here I remember being in a Tocqueville meeting listening to the final details of their dinner event and listening to a co-worker’s speech about why he’s happy to be a part of uwsn. Later on that day I was in a meeting with another co-worker and I remember she told me, “You know that feeling you have right now, of being happy about being a part of something greater than yourself and better for our community, that’s a feeling you are always gonna have, it doesn’t go away.” From the start, I knew this was my perfect fit.

What is one thing everyone must do when they visit Las Vegas?

Watch the water show at the Bellagio, eat at a restaurant, and go out dancing.

What is your favorite moment from Las Vegas history?

When the Smith Center was built and when we had the first female majority legislative body in NV.


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