65th Anniversary Team UWSN Spotlight | Susan Beaver Thompson

We would like to introduce our new Grant and Proposal Writer, Susan Beaver Thompson, to our UWSN community! In her role, she puts her years of experience in business development, writing, and editing to help secure grants for UWSN’s programs that support children, families, and individuals in Southern Nevada. Susan will help team UWSN expand our impact in the Southern Nevada community by diversifying the funding that powers the work we do! Learn more about Susan by reading our interview with her below.

Share with us a memory of your time working with UWSN.

You can always tell a lot about how an organization treats its employees by how they interview and hire new people. I was treated with so much respect and thoughtfulness during the interview process and had flowers waiting for me on my first day in the office. Wow! It’s refreshing to have an employer who really cares.

What is one thing everyone must do when they visit Las Vegas?

Spend some time off the Strip at events like Mondays Dark.

What is your favorite moment from Las Vegas History?

The ingenuity and pioneer spirit of the individuals who built the Hoover Dam and helped to fuel the growth of Downtown Las Vegas.


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