65th Anniversary Team UWSN Spotlight | Brittany DuPree

At United Way of Southern Nevada (UWSN), we are committed to making a lasting impact on our community. One integral member of our team is Brittany DuPree, our Senior Director of Fundraising. Brittany’s role involves supporting the Fundraising team, forging strategic partnerships, and implementing initiatives to enhance our community’s well-being. In this blog post, we will delve into Brittany’s responsibilities, her favorite memory with UWSN, and explore her Las Vegas favorites!  

Enhancing Community Impact: 

With a deep understanding of the Southern Nevada community, Brittany is a catalyst for connecting donors and supporters to meaningful opportunities. She diligently seeks out strategic fundraising partnerships that align with UWSN’s mission, amplifying the impact we can make together. Brittany’s expertise ensures that UWSN continues to grow and thrive, increasing support in key areas and enabling us to meet the evolving needs of our community. 

A Memorable Moment:  

Among the memories Brittany has had with UWSN, one particular memory stands out: the 2023 Women United Fashion Show Luncheon. This event brought together powerful women from the community who shared a common goal: supporting UWSN and reimagining how they could give back. The spirit of unity, inspiration, and determination at the luncheon left an indelible mark on Brittany, reminding her of the extraordinary capacity for change when a community comes together. 

Exploring Las Vegas: Must-Do Activities  

Beyond her work with UWSN, Brittany also has a pulse on the vibrant city of Las Vegas. She recommends that anyone visiting should experience a night out at Dino’s! This iconic spot offers an unforgettable atmosphere, pulsating music, and an opportunity to immerse oneself in the vibrant energy that defines Las Vegas. 

Brittany’s role as UWSN’s Senior Director of Fundraising exemplifies the dedication and passion our team brings to creating a positive impact in the Southern Nevada community. Through strategic partnerships, initiatives, and a commitment to growth, Brittany helps UWSN achieve its fundraising goals and further our mission. Join us in supporting UWSN’s mission by getting to know Brittany DuPree, an inspirational leader dedicated to making a difference. Together, let’s unite for community impact and create a brighter future for Southern Nevada. 


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