65th Anniversary Team UWSN Spotlight | Aaron Krolikowski

JOIN US for #TeamUWSNTuesday and CELEBRATE our 65th Anniversary and the promotion of Aaron Krolikowski as Vice President of Programs! He has been a part of our team since 2016. With his new role, Aaron will oversee project and grant management, program design, monitoring and evaluation, and grantmaking.

In the years he has been at UWSN he has created many memories, but he told us that he was inspired the most by how quickly our team jumped into action when the COVID-19 pandemic hit Southern Nevada economically. The team created an online hub of information alongside an asset map and a weekly coordination call with 100+ nonprofits every week. Aaron shared “Seeing the courage, persistence, and effectiveness of the UWSN team in the middle of the biggest challenge of our generation is something I won’t ever forget.”

What is your favorite moment from Las Vegas History?

Springs Preserve only opened in 2007, but it’s my favorite moment because it opens the door for residents and visitors to walk through the history, botany, and geography of Las Vegas while understanding how people have lived and thrived in our community for thousands of years.

What is one thing everyone must do when they visit Las Vegas?

Take a short trip into the desert and experience the wonder of Seven Magic Mountains.

What moment in Las Vegas History has UWSN been supporting the community since?

We’ve been doing this since 1957 – before a fire-breathing praying mantis took over DTLV in 2013.


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