65th Anniversary Intern Spotlight: Manuel Romero

We are proud to welcome our new External Affairs Intern, Manuel Romero, from Cristo Rey St. Viator! Through the Cristo Rey St. Viator Internship program, local high school students learn about workplace culture and explore potential career paths

Please share what you are looking forward to learning during your internship.
I am looking forward to learning new skills for the workplace and improving my current skills to be prepared fully to work as a UWSN employee.

What is one thing everyone must do when they visit Las Vegas?

When people visit Las Vegas, they should definitely visit the Strip.

What is your favorite moment from Las Vegas History?

My favorite moment in Las Vegas’ history was the construction of the Hoover Dam.

What moment in Las Vegas History has UWSN been supporting the community since?

UWSN has been helping the community since 1957 before the Las Vegas Convention Center opened in 1959!


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