Header_Template_Careers_900px Our Culture United Way of Southern Nevada is an equal opportunity employer. With a diverse mix of talents, skill sets and private sector and nonprofit experience, UWSN’s employee base is a deep well of resources. UWSN has its fair share of United Way historians, those that have been with the organization for more than 5 years and those that have brought United Way best practices with them from other markets. That said, new talent is also a part of our employee base, with employees with less tenure but with unique skill sets. Read more
Many of our staff are Las Vegas natives. Having grown up in this community with great loyalty and appreciation for it, they also provide a unique perspective on its challenges, successes, and opportunities. Our employees are very different yet all collectively share the desire to work hard, extend resources, and make a difference in our community. They come from such varied experiences as Wall Street, the banking industry, start-ups, blue chip national companies, national philanthropies, Madison Avenue, the gaming industry, and the public health and school systems. From potluck lunches to a BBQ in the park, our employees spend time together lending a hand in various departments or in simply sharing a laugh and a moment through our activities. Many employees have likened our culture to that of a “family”. We are proud to hear that kind of comparison. After all, we spend more time at work than we do anywhere else, so it should be fun.

Current Employment Opportunities

President and Chief Executive Officer

United Way of Southern Nevada (UWSN) seeks nominations and applications for the position of President and Chief Executive Officer. The Board of Directors invites applications from individuals with the drive and proven track record of success to create a legacy of strategic growth. Candidates with a proven record of raising funds, with the ability to re-imagine United Way of Southern Nevada, and described as a self-starter capable of leading organizational transformation and change are encouraged to apply. (more info)

Resource Development Officer

Maintains and builds upon existing relationships with corporate partners, manages and plans annual fundraising campaigns, engages employee bases of corporate partners, proficiently and compellingly telegraphs the United Way message to a room of 500 employees or 5 Executive Level employees, understands community impact and can communicate all details of United Way of Southern Nevada’s programs with mastery. To apply please email Resume and Cover Letter to jobs@uwsn.org (more info)

  We asked some of our members what they like most about working at UWSN…  
  • “What I like most about working at United Way of Southern Nevada is that I make a living by making my community stronger.”
  • “I love that I am not only helping to educate the community on the biggest issues facing southern Nevada, but also helping to solve those problems.”