Through United Way of Southern Nevada’s (UWSN) partnership with The Salvation Army, we can provide an emergency shelter that provides day and night shelter for homeless Individuals. 

Zach Stephens has been an active volunteer in The Salvation Army’s kitchen, often helping in the shelter when needed. Through The Salvation Army’s support, he discovered and received Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Emergency Shelter since January of 2022.  

Zach is now employed at 7-Eleven full-time. His employer says, “Zach is doing a great job!”  

Zach has been following through with all his commitments and making outstanding progress. He continues to volunteer every day in the kitchen, now starting the process of looking for his own apartment. 

Zach has overcome his circumstances and taken control of his life. Together, UWSN and The Salvation Army lend a helping hand to all Southern Nevadans by providing emergency shelter to homeless Individuals, regardless of their circumstances. 

Zach's Story