*Tim is a local third grader that has been experiencing problems with his eyesight. One day, his teacher recognized that he was squinting to see the board during class. She moved him closer to the front in an effort to help him see. Unfortunately, Tim was still experiencing problems with seeing the writing that was on the board. The school counselor at Tim’s school spoke with his mother and signed him up to be seen by UWSN’s partner, Eye Care 4 Kids and their Mobile Vision clinic when they were scheduled to be at his school.  The Eye Care 4 Kids Mobile Vision Clinic travels to different schools in Clark County School District each day to provide eye exams for children who need corrective lenses or have vision problems.  Tim’s prescription was astonishingly high, but thanks to United Way of Southern Nevada’s support of Eye Care 4 Kids Nevada, Tim was seen by an Optometrist and was able to receive his eyeglasses. The Optician stated that his facial expressions changed “as though he was seeing for the first time in his life.” Soon after Tim’s grades improved tremendously. He appeared to have more confidence since he received his glasses back in February! 

Tim's Story