Julian High

President and CEO

Julian High, President & CEO of United Way of Southern Nevada, is an agent of transformative change and has a proven track record of elevating both nonprofits and for-profit organizations while fostering unity and progress. 

A native to Southern Nevada, Julian began his professional journey by breaking barriers as the Director of Community and Government Affairs for Sahara Gaming Corporation, the first African American to ever hold such a position within the gaming industry. This milestone marked the beginning of Julian’s trailblazing path, aligning philanthropic endeavors with local concerns. 

Driven by a passion for community service, Julian moved to the East Coast to spearhead national communication initiatives focused on creating employment opportunities at National Industries for the Blind. Later, as the Director of Diversity and Inclusion and Human Resources for the Human Rights Campaign, Julian championed the cause of equality for all members of the LGBTQ+ community. His exemplary leadership and unwavering commitment garnered national recognition for the organization’s endeavors in fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

Recently, as the Founder and President of J3H Platinum, an executive management consultancy, Julian empowered C-Suite executives to forge resilient, cohesive teams and develop effective communication, business, and political strategies. 

Motivated by a desire to serve the community where he was raised, Julian and his husband, Michael Vaughn, returned to Las Vegas. Julian’s upbringing in the historic Westside neighborhood of Regal Estates fueled his advocacy for connecting local communities with crucial resources, ensuring equitable opportunities for all to thrive. 

Julian is determined to leverage community resources, where together, we will extend access to education, workforce development, and comprehensive community support, paving the way for a more promising future for all. 

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