Financial stability is one of the biggest challenges students face when transitioning from high school to college. *Spencer, like many students, had many financial worries, working a full-time job for $9 an hour was not enough to cover tuition and housing expenses. Being a Project 150 volunteer, Spencer knew about their scholarship's opportunities and decided to apply. Spencer is an exemplary student who worked and studied full-time to achieve their academic goals. With the support of United Way of Southern Nevada, the Project 150 scholarship is available to students like Spencer. The funding awarded to Spencer was enough to cover their financial expenses for the entirety of their sophomore year of higher education in Reno, Nevada. Spencer said, “Since receiving the scholarship, I am less stressed about paying for tuition and academic related expenses which has allowed me to save any money I make with my other jobs to go towards savings, living, and transportation expenses.” Thanks to our student success program, Spencer has been able to worry less about finances and focus on school which has allowed them to maintain a 4.0 GPA throughout the course of their undergraduate career! 

*Name Changed to Protect Client Privacy

Spencer's Story