Through United Way of Southern Nevada’s (UWSN) partnership with Girls on the Run, we can provide young girls with an experience-based curriculum that creatively integrates running and self-esteem. One of the Girls on the Run teams that UWSN supports is The Exploration Peak Park Team, which includes  a team-based community service project, a non-competitive 5k run event, a curriculum in socio-emotional development, and the recruitment of many diverse mentors and coaches.  

Recently, our partner Girls on the Run was able to impact Raphie’s life, who is on the autism spectrum, having the superpower of autism. Raphie joined Girls on the Run’s Exploration Peak Park Team along with her two sisters. Her mom shared that this is the first time she has ever enjoyed physical activity or a club.  

Raphie and her service dog LOVED the experience they had at Girls on the Run practices. Girls on the Run believes that ALL girls, of ALL abilities add to the value of the program. That is why we call "disabilities" superpowers! 

Raphie's Story