Nicole Wilkes is aninspiring and determined young woman who through the support of United Way of Southern Nevada and Chicanos Por La Causa (CPLC) was able to enroll in school and find a new remote job to fit her schedule.  

Nicole was seeking a way to further her studies and change careers. She aspires to operate a CDL trucking firm someday, so she wanted to enroll with CPLC’s new Truck-U partners. Nicole is scheduled to begin school at the end of April. Prior to beginning courses, our partner CPLC assisted herin finding a new remote job that would suit herimpending class schedule, allowing her to successfully transition into her chosen career path.  

Ever since our partner Chicanos Por La Causa, started assisting Nicole, it has been a joy for them to witness her progress. Nicole began school on March 17th and is currently satisfying all their paperwork and employment criteria. To date, she is on the correct path to accomplishing her goals. Nicole has been incredibly appreciative of the chance to start a new remote job while still being able to go to school.  Through our partnership, we are strengthening Southern Nevadans to become self-sufficient and offering a hand-up rather than a hand-out. 


Nicole's Story