Miriam Gomez, a local high schooler, had never seen teachers or school faculty that looked like her growing up. Miriam wanted to change this for the next generation of students by becoming a school teacher. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Miriam and her family found themselves suffering from severe mental stress, and Miriam worried that the pandemic would impact her chances of going to college. Despite the challenges Miriam and her family faced, she continued to pursue her dream of higher education by joining UWSN’s partner program Leaders In Training (LIT). Through the support of United Way and LIT, Miriam and her family were provided with mental health resources, and she was able to join workshops which gave her new tools to support her mental health. After graduation, Miriam plans to join Teachers for America so that she can help teach the next generation of leaders. Read Miriam's inspiring story in the Las Vegas Review-Journal here.


Miriam's Story