The Martinez family was referred to Boys Town Nevada’s In-Home Family Services by the Harbor because her youngest son, Alex, had a very difficult time following directions and accepting the consequences of his actions. Alex’s main behavioral challenge was that he would leave his classroom without permission and roam the hallways. When the school’s administration team tried to take him back to class, Alex would refuse and talk back. During this time, Alex’s mom was very stressed as she would be called during the middle of her workday to go pick up Alex. 

With the support of United Way of Southern Nevada and our partner, Boys Town Nevada, Alex’s mom learned how to give effective consequences to Alex and how to immediately address Alex’s behaviors with corrective teaching. Alex’s mom also learned that point systems work well with him. His mom became really involved in communicating with Alex’s school, and soon after, Alex was not leaving the classroom anymore. During her sessions with Boys Town Nevada, ,  Alex’s mom was able to identify ways to manage her own frustration when correcting Alex. At the end of her sessions, , his mom said that learning how to be in control of her own emotions and practicing the steps to self-control made the biggest impact on her parenting. She is now able to deliver effective consequences and correct behavior without emotionally escalating the situation.  

Together, UWSN and Boys Town Nevada, we can help families by giving them the support and skills they need to create and maintain a safe, stable environment for their children. Learn how you can support UWSN and our student success partners at  

The Martinez Family Story