Girls on the Run provides girls in our community with an experience that integrates running and self-esteem. The program is available through different schools in the valley, one of them being Fitzgerald Elementary School. During one of their sites visits the Programs Manager, Alaina, brought new pairs of shoes for some of the girls that needed them. As she was helping Katie try her new pair of running shoes, she noticed Katie’s socks were torn and stained. Alaina asked her if she would like a new pair of socks to try on the shoes, but she answered no and continued trying on the shoes which ended up being a perfect fit for her and Katie showed her gratitude and excitement. 

During their practice, their coach told Alaina that Katie’s family had a lot of financial hardship and stress. The coach had reached out to Katie’s family at the beginning of the year and told her she wanted Katie in the team because of her positive attitude and warm personality. Although they considered her the glue to the team, they knew her home life was not easy. United Way of Southern Nevada is proud to support organizations like Girls on the Run to provide social- emotional development in a creative and active way. At the end of practice Katie went back to Alaina and asked for a pair of socks, and she received a few of them, Katie expressed her gratitude with a warm smile.  

*Name changed to protect client’s privacy. 

Katie's Story