Since he was 12 years old, Isaiah lived in residential behavioral programs due to his ADHD diagnosis. At 18 years old, when he was no longer eligible to live at the facility, Isaiah’s mother picked him up with the hopes of starting a new life in Southern California. During a stop in Las Vegas, Isaiah’s mother decided to leave him on the street, abandoned. With nowhere to turn, Isaiah had no choice but to look for local homeless shelters within the Las Vegas area. Thanks to United Way of Southern Nevada’s support of HELP of Southern Nevada, Isaiah found a home at a local homeless youth shelter. Despite the obstacles he faced, Isaiah always maintained a positive attitude and quickly became friends with his peers and staff at the shelter. While working with his case manager, Isaiah was able to get in touch with one of his biological sisters and his grandmother. After multiple conversations, Isaiah was elated to find out that his grandmother wanted to reunite the family and threw a ”Welcome Home” party for him in her home state of Kansas. Isaiah said,” I’m going home for Christmas, this is the best gift ever in my life.” United Way of Southern Nevada and HELP of Southern Nevada are glad to be part of Isaiah’s journey to becoming a successful, self-sufficient adult.

Isaiah's Story