United, United Way of Southern Nevada and UNSHAKEABLE are empowering women to discover new career paths like Ashley! Ashley has been a client of UNSHAKEABLE for a few years and has done various job shadowing programs to explore different industries and was most recently exploring the path of IT security. At the same time, she discovered this was not the path for her, the company she had been working at for over a year downsized and she was left without employment.  

Ashley reached out to the UNSHAKEABLE team right away and they got to work sending out her resume, communicating with business alliance partners and getting her in for interviews. She was ready for a change, ready to put herself out there and find a career that was more customer or client-facing. The team set Ashley up with an interview with the Care Coalition for an administrative position. The Care Coalition team loved Ashley’s spirit immediately and offered her the position which she started this month. 

Stories like Ashley’s are why UWSN supports nonprofits like UNSHAKEABLE who are making a difference in the lives of women in Southern Nevada. Through your donations to United Way, you are helping ensure programs like UNSHAKEABLE are available to women in Southern Nevada so they have access to career support and training.  

Ashley's Story