Anna Robinson struggled to support her family financially from the start of the pandemic. She has fought to stay in their apartment, pending approval for their CHAPS application. Due to financial struggles, Anna Robinson resiliently returned to work right after being discharged from the hospital, where she gave birth to her new baby girl. Anna, a new mother, needed more financial support to support her newborn. However, the added exposure from Anna working resulted in the family testing positive for COVID multiple times. The financial struggles for the Robinson family recently stretched to purchasing space heaters. Their landlord did not prioritize fixing their heater. Anna believes this is due to their ongoing dispute regarding rent. 

After these challenges, Anna discovered United Way of Southern Nevada and the partners and programs they fund. She learned of the job training programs offered through the Culinary Academy, hoping to participate in them to increase her income. She also discovered the agency of Boys Town. With the support of United Way of Southern Nevada, Boys Town was able to purchase two heaters for the family as the cold was becoming unbearable. Anna was also able to identify free/low-cost legal assistance regarding renter rights. Anna and her family are very thankful for all the assistance provided by Boys Town in the past few months. 

Anna's Story