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Jamie-OverlyWhen Victoria Pua, the Business Development Coordinator for Southland Industries, received the request from her manager to research giving options in the Valley, Victoria realized there were hundreds of different non-profit organizations.

“The one that stood out the most was the United Way of Southern Nevada,” said Victoria. “I scrolled through their website and was so impressed at what they did that I called right away to see how we could work with them.”

Victoria worked directly with United Way’s Volunteer Center to plan monthly activities that Southland Industries could participate in with the first being the Back to School Supplies Drive. Victoria scheduled United Way of Southern Nevada staff to speak to their employees about United Way’s work in southern Nevada. 

“The response was incredible from the staff here – many went right after the speakers spoke to the nearest store to buy school supplies and what started out as one small box turned into more than 25 bags of school supplies packed into boxes,” said Victoria.  

From July 22 to August 15, Southland Industries raised over $200 in donations and over $200 in school supplies in the Back to School Drive. The company also raised more than $100 for UWSN by giving their interns their most important assignment to date–Kevin Li and Kevin Holmes cooked hamburgers and hot dogs at their office for lunch and charged $5 per plate, with proceeds benefitting the UWSN. 

“I believe that we all can give back, somehow in some way,” said Victoria. “People are extremely giving but don’t know how to help or to express that they really do care. My company’s recent Back to School Supplies Drive was an example of how much people really do give back.”

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  1. So proud of my grand daughter, Jamie Overly for helping out for a good cause, and the company she works for, for getting involved.

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