Tocqueville Spotlight | Cathy Jones

Cathy-Jones-Jumping-a-HorseLiving life to the fullest is Cathy Jones’ credo, and along the way she has built a thriving commercial real estate firm and volunteered her time to help build a brighter future for southern Nevada.

Born in Detroit, Michigan in a family of five children, to this day Cathy is still an avid Detroit Lions fan. She grew up in Granville, Ohio, a small university town in central Ohio. 

“My parents still live in the house I grew up in, so I go back to visit regularly,” said Cathy. “I moved from the cold the day after graduation.”

Cathy raised her own family in Las Vegas. Her children, Michael and Katie, graduated from the Clark County School District and both graduated from top universities – Yale University and Southern Methodist University – in the top one percent of their classes, Summa Cum Laude.

Beginning each day at 4am, Cathy loves her work at Sun Commercial Real Estate, Inc. focusing on commercial real estate investment sales. 

Cathy enjoys competing with her horse in equestrian jumping events, hiking, bike-riding, running and quad-riding. On her “bucket list” is hiking the Grand Canyon – rim to rim in one day.  If she could be one person for a day it would be Will Simpson. 

“He is an amazing equestrian rider, who has won a Gold Medal in the Olympics,” said Cathy. “I would like to be him because he rides the most amazing horses over really big jumps, and I would like to have that opportunity and talent!”


Cathy’s tenure serving with United Way spans over 29 years. She joined the United Way Board of Directors in 1985 as Treasurer and moved up to Board Chair. With a passion for United Way’s focus on education, Cathy Jones shared a touching story about a young high school girl who was on a track of very low grades, poor choice of friends and no future in mind. 

According to Cathy, the student saw a flyer for United Way’s Women’s Leadership Council Family Engagement Resource Center (FERC) at Clark High School and decided to check it out. Through the FERC, she learned the importance of getting good grades, involving her family and attending college.  

“She has turned her life around and now has plans to go to college,” said Cathy. “She now feels her future is hers to determine.”

Cathy made the decision to become a member of United Way’s Tocqueville Society because for her, “it is the right thing to do.” 

“I am in a position to give back to our community, which has given so much to me and my family,” said Cathy. “There are many lives that are touched by United Way and so many people willing to help make that difference. The experience is very touching.”

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