Please watch Three Stories; Three Lives Changed

Since 1957, United Way of Southern Nevada has attracted people with the desire to make our community a better place. Today, individuals and companies alike share their energy and resources so that our children, families, seniors, and others in need can receive assistance and lead fulfilling, productive lives.

We are many parts, where truly, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. We are Employees, we are Volunteers. We are Board of Directors, we are Donors. We are Impact Councils. We are advocates. We are Community Leaders. By bringing together the best and brightest, with an active “esprit de corps”, we are driving collective impact by working together as an organization that coalesces a diverse mix of community experts, non-profit partners, and community leaders from across a number of different issues and representing a number of different constituents.

It is our collective strength that makes things happen in southern Nevada.