Loyal Contributor Spotlight | Shelley Dubin

Shelley-DubinShelley Dubin packed up and headed off to Las Vegas nearly 35 years ago, leaving behind southern California, where she was born and raised and owned four clothing stores. In 1984, she chose to redirect her career to the financial industry.

“My husband and I have created a wonderful life here,” said Shelley. “Our entire immediate family lives in Las Vegas.  A simple birthday party at our house starts with 19 people.”

For nearly 30 years Shelley has been a Financial Advisor in the Las Vegas area, directing her focus on Wealth Planning for high net worth relationships.  

“I take a more holistic approach when I am analyzing client’s needs,” said Shelley. “I consider all aspects of their life including their personal, family, business and next generation planning.”

Shelley finds her true joy comes from her extra-curricular activities.

“I enjoy playing with our grandkids or working out doing Pilates and Zumba,” said Shelley. “If I have anytime left over, I look forward to sitting down and reading a good book.”

Shelley is also passionate about philanthropy.

“Philanthropy is very important to my soul,” said Shelley. “Whether it be financial or volunteering it makes me feel complete.”

Serving as one of the founding members of the Women’s Leadership Council (WLC), Shelley has been an active WLC member for the last six years and is also a United Way Tocqueville Society member.

“I think it is very important to give back to my local community and I love seeing the United Way’s programs making a large impact on our community,” said Shelley. “The WLC’s focus is helping children, families and focusing on health and education. I feel a personal enrichment and success knowing I am a part of these programs.” 

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