Loyal Contributor | Matthew Beatty

Matthew Beatty and his wife just celebrated their 27th wedding anniversary. The proud couple went to the same high school and university, graduating at different times, but both with a degree in computer science. Their two children both attend University of Nevada, Reno. The couple’s son Gunther is pursuing a degree in teaching and daughter Gwendallyn is studying psychology.

Matthew was born at the Presidio in San Francisco (future home of the Star Fleet Academy), but was raised on an island in the San Francisco Bay called Alameda.

“Alameda has the bay to thank for awesome weather averaging about 70 degrees year round,” said Matthew.

Careers brought the Beatty family to Las Vegas in 1999 when Matthew began working for the Las Vegas Valley Water District. Matthew has worked for the Water District’s web technologies team for almost 11 years, where his primary duty is to ensure that the web infrastructure is running reliably, monitoring and adjusting over two dozen servers.

In 2009 Matthew picked up a new hobby that he loves, singing bass with the Silver Statesmen barbershop chorus. He and his wife also volunteer every Friday night teaching jujutsu.

“We have been involved in jujutsu for over 30 years and have never paid for lessons, so we do not charge our students for lessons either,” said Matthew.

Matthew first started donating to United Way in 1997 when he worked for Pacific Telesis (now AT&T).

“United Way makes it so simple to provide support with payroll deductions,” said Matthew. “We cannot do everything that we want to help others, but we do what we can and United Way is huge part of that.”

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