Loyal Contributor | Linda Stinar

Linda Stinar
Loyal Contributor | Linda Stinar

A nature enthusiast, the proud wife and mother of two loves to spend her time hiking, skiing, riding all terrain vehicles and taking photographs of the great outdoors.

A Las Vegas Native, Linda Stinar graduated from Las Vegas High School and received a Master’s in Business Administration from University of Nevada, Las Vegas. She has two children, one son, Justin, 28 years old, and one daughter, Melissa, 24 years old.

After graduating from the university, Linda began her career with the phone company, which was Centel, and today is CenturyLink. Working her way up in the company, Linda started her career as a clerk in the network department to her current position as the Director of State Regulatory Affairs, where she spends her days working with utility regulation issues.

In Linda’s spare time, she volunteers as the Chair of CenturyLink’s Community Relations Team.

“I really enjoy volunteering for the CenturyLink Community Relations Team,” said Linda. “The Team genuinely cares about the southern Nevada community in which we live and work and supports various charities and events throughout the Las Vegas Valley.”

Linda has supported United Way as a Leadership Giver since 1998.

“I support United Way because I believe in giving back to the community that has given me so much,” said Linda. “I strive to better the community and set a good example for my children and my peers at work. Donating money to the United Way is a really smart way to contribute to the community since the money gets distributed by an organization who has an immediate knowledge of the community.”

For Linda, volunteering and giving of her time has brought about invaluable personal satisfaction.

“With more demands in life and the stress of uncertainties, volunteering has been a great life anchor that recharges my batteries and carries over into everything else I do,” said Linda. “Nothing connects us with our community ― and with our customers ― more effectively than volunteer work.”

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