Loyal Contributor | Denette Corrales

With a passion to help children succeed in life, Denette Corrales is committed to United Way’s education efforts. As co-chair of United Way’s Family Engagement Resource Centers (FERCs), she has played an integral role in helping high school students to graduate.

“Children are our future,” said Denette. “Education is a responsibility we all share. Not just teachers, but parents and community members are responsible.”

In partnership with Clark County School District (CCSD), the FERCs help teens who are at risk of dropping out of high school at five local high schools.

“We have provided support, guidance, direction and sometimes just a different way of thinking for very challenging situations within these schools,” said Denette. “It is such a great opportunity to provide a focus on students who may not realize how their decisions today affect their ultimate success in life.”

Denette’s commitment to education also includes her participation on United Way’s Commitment to Education Council, of which she has actively participated for the past seven years. The Council helps children enter school at grade level or above by focusing on early education.

“I know what a blessing that was for me, and I know not all students have that same support at home,” said Denette. “It starts with preschool. It is important that every student has a chance to succeed, so that is why I got involved and also why I stay involved.”

Allowing Denette to make a broad impact, she serves at a statewide level on the Advisory Council on Parental Involvement and Family Engagement through the State of Nevada Department of Education. Sharing best practices across the state, this group’s focus is to make family engagement part of every school’s strategic plan.

“I am hoping to be able to make a difference for Nevada to be at the top of the ‘good lists,’” said Denette. “There are so many ways we can work together as a state and leverage the expertise and resources we have. Nevada has exceptional programs and students. We need to make that our headlines!”

Her conviction was instilled by her parents, who were determined that the University of Nevada, Las Vegas graduate succeed and get good grades in school.

“I am proud to say I am a product of the public education system in Nevada,” said Denette. “My daughter has attended public schools. I know there are great opportunities within Clark County for a top quality education.”

Since 1984, Denette Corrales has supported United Way, and she was a founding member of the organization’s Women’s Leadership Council.

“I have so many memories of the faces of preschoolers learning through music, the elderly with smiles because someone is spending time with them, and everything in between,” said Denette. “United Way works hard at putting our community’s resources to the best use for those who need it.”

Denette is a Commercial Banker with Wells Fargo and in her spare time she enjoys escaping to her cabin in southern Utah with family and friends, riding four wheelers, reading and hiking. Her passions include traveling, her family and watching the San Francisco 49ers play football.

“I love to travel and try to visit at least one new place every year,” said Denette.

Denette LIVES UNITED by focusing on education.

“When people ask me where they should get involved, I always say, ‘make sure it is something you are passionate about!’” said Denette. “I am passionate about education. United Way helps me make a difference.”