Loyal Contributor | Christine K. Barrett

ChristineKBTo those who know her story, Christine K. Barrett can only be described as a survivor. She overcame incredible odds and has found success with a career spanning 27 years at the Las Vegas Valley Water District and raising three independent adult children.

“Although I could have ended up another statistic, my determined single teen mother and a community of aunts helped to anchor me with routine and responsibility,” said Christine.  “I was propelled by a superior education for about 20 consecutive years.”  

Christine and her husband describe themselves as empty nesters, and thoroughly enjoy being first time grandparents and getting a different view on parenting. They also enjoy fine arts, plays, and concerts in Nevada, Utah and New York.

“We love the visual canvas of natural outdoor beauty and travel often to family in other areas,” said Christine.

Christine also has a yen for dancing, cycling, jazzercise, yoga and crochet.

Christine has served for nearly thirty-five years in the public sector as a business analyst, operations manager, system administrator and trainer in systems development. Before her career in the public sector, she delivered historical talks, counseled inner city high school and college students, prepared welfare reform program recommendations and evaluated a school district’s resources. 

“I am available for consulting, mentoring, advocacy or speaking engagements,” said Christine.

Her dedication to the community spans over four decades and reflects her passion of helping others. She has helped at church and with children, youth, and victims of domestic violence.

Christine strives to show kindness and bring joy and hope to those she encounters every day.

“We each need to be that kind of resource for each other, and look beyond external packaging to the glowing spirit that is seeking the warmth of the sun,” said Christine. 


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  1. Dear Christine,

    Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful contributions to our community,
    and to those of us who think the world of you and your gifts.
    You my dear sister are an inspiration to all of us!

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