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Angelica could not afford healthcare for her son, Caleb. A struggling single mother, she needed help getting Caleb immunized so that he could start school and he also needed treatment for asthma.

When she found out about the United Way of Southern Nevada partner University of Nevada School of Medicine – Children’s Health Access Project (CHAP), which provides clinical health care services and age appropriate immunizations for uninsured children, she immediately brought Caleb to the clinic.

Through the clinic, Angelica was able to get Caleb immunized so that he could start school and receive help for his asthma.

“Without the help of this clinic, we would not have been able to control my son’s asthma,” said Angelica. “The nurses at the clinic helped ensure that Caleb is healthy and protected from illness through immunizations, so that he wouldn’t miss any school and fall behind his classmates.”

Before immunizations were available, over 13,000 cases of Paralytic Polio were reported each year in the United States, an average of 450 Measles associated deaths were reported per year between 1953 and 1963 and nearly all persons in the United States suffered from Chickenpox by adulthood and over 100 deaths were caused by the disease per year.*

With soaring medical costs, many families have a hard time paying for extra medical expenses. Because of the CHAP program, uninsured children who attend Matt Kelly, Booker and West Prep Elementary Schools now have access to clinical health care services and age appropriate immunizations.

“Through our partnership with CHAP, we are closer to accomplishing our mission of helping all children have a medical home and consistent, high quality health care so that they may grow and thrive,” said Terri Janison, United Way, Senior Director, Community Development.

Through the services of CHAP, children are immunized, treated with medications to help control or cure their conditions, receive yearly physicals and referred to specialists to help control or cure their conditions by the doctors and residents from the University of Nevada School of Medicine. CHAP also provides preventative help, educating children and families on proper nutrition, exercise and hygiene, which leads to better overall health. All of these services combined help children to not miss school and therefore have a better future.


*Source: Department of Health and Human Services Centers for Disease Control and prevention.

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