FAQs & Stats

What does United Way do?
United Way helps children and families throughout the Valley succeed. Our strategy is to provide a solid foundation with an early education for children to enter school ready to learn. We provide medical check-ups and vaccinations to start school on-time and parent training and resources to improve graduation rates.

In Southern Nevada, we help 1 in 4 people living in this community.
When you support United Way, your gift is combined with thousands of others and touches one in four people living in southern Nevada. 

How can I contribute money to United Way?
You can donate online at uwsn.org/donate or please call United Way at (702) 892-2300 to find out how you can help.

Why should I give to United Way rather than directly to an agency?
Community fundraising costs would more than double if every agency had to raise the funds United Way provides. By supporting our Children & Families Fund, your dollars help build a stronger future for the entire community. With one gift to United Way, you support a variety of programs and initiatives making an impact in our community.

How can I volunteer my time to help others?
United Way’s Community Engagement Team can help design a life changing volunteer opportunity. With over 6000 volunteers, and year round activities, we can connect you with a project or cause that is meaningful to you, your department, corporation, or convention. Visit us at Volunteer Center or call 702-892-2300. Thank you for helping someone who needs you.

What if I feel pressured to give?
Contributions to United Way are voluntary and your personal decision. We do not support any form of pressure on donors to give or requirements regarding how much to give.

Are United Way donations tax-deductible?
United Way of Southern Nevada is a federally registered 501(c)3 not-for-profit corporation. As such, donations to the United Way are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by an individual’s or corporation’s circumstances. Those contributing through payroll deduction in their workplace should keep a copy of their signed pledge card and maintain their last pay stub of the tax year or Form W-2 from their employer that summarizes the amount withheld for the United Way during their tax year. In the event that goods or services of more than a nominal value are received in exchange for a gift (such as buying an auction item), only the donation in excess of the value of the good or service is considered to be tax deductible. Donors are encouraged to consult their own tax professionals to determine the extent to which their donations are tax-deductible in their own circumstances.

Why isn’t my favorite agency a United Way member?
Many worthwhile agencies that help people may not meet United Way accreditation guidelines. Each agency must apply for admission and go through a formal review process by community volunteers. Some agencies may not want the level of review or restrictions in fundraising that are required by United Way. Others may feel they can raise enough funds on their own.

How is our United Way connected to United Way in other cities?
United Way of Southern Nevada is independent and self-governing. The money you contribute stays here to help residents in Southern Nevada. We are not connected to other United Ways except through “best practices” sharing with United Way Worldwide in Alexandria, Virginia. Our local Board of Directors manages the fundraising and distribution of money raised here and assumes responsibility for the integrity and stewardship of our operations.