Class of 2013 | Melisa Prepares for Her Future!


As high school students are graduating, many are making plans and applying to their favorite colleges. Yet there are students across Las Vegas like Melisa who don’t have access to a home computer and need help applying for federal funding and making their dreams a reality.

With a serious desire to go to college and begin on a career path in social services, Melisa struggled to find a solution. Then she found out about United Way’s Women’s Leadership Council Family Engagement Center (FERC) at Clark High School.

Because of the computer access at the FERC, Melisa can now apply for federal student aid, research local colleges and scholarships.

“This is a place that I can come and feel comfortable and do my homework,” said Melisa. “If it weren’t for the FERC, my parents would have to spend the money on gas and take the time to take me to the library.”

Melisa yearns to be a social worker when she grows up and is thankful that the FERC is providing the tools to help her accomplish her goals.

“I have always been a good listener,” said Melisa. “I have gone through divorce and bullying and I want to help others who are struggling.”

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  1. I am so proud of Melisa. She and I worked a lot together in the FERC. I know that she will accomplish a lot in life. She has such a positive and inspiring attitude; I know that she will make a great social worker someday. This interview happened after the Mayor’s Civic Engagement Recognition Ceremony at Clark High School in April. I wish Melisa the best of luck in college and with her future endeavors.
    Family Engagement Resource Center Coordinator
    Clark High School

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